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Anaesthetist and Pain Management Consultant

Sacroiliac Blocks

Sacroiliac joints are a Pair of large joints around the back where the pelvic bones meet the sacrum of the spine. Inflammation at the sacroiliac joints can lead to constant lower back pain radiating to the buttock and backs of the thighs. 


Sacroiliac pain can sometimes be reactionary due to other problems such as sciatica or foot/ leg problems due to which normal walking or spinal alignment is altered. 


Good posture and regular exercise is essential to prevent this. 


If the sacroiliac joints are considered to be the source of the pain a targeted local anaesthetic and steroid injection under X-ray guidance can help provide relief with this. 


Your consultant will be able to provide suggestions on types of exercises which will be helpful later after the injection. 


In some cases sacroiliac denervation may be considered if the problem is recurrent.

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