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Anaesthetist and Pain Management Consultant

Trigger Point Injections

        A trigger point is a tender area of your body, often a muscle, which when pressed causes pain. Normal muscles contract and relax but occasionally, muscles can go into spasm and fail to relax.  This can be very painful and feels like knot or tight band of muscle. Usually relief is obtained by using hot water bottles, massage, Heat patches or creams or a TENS machine. Physiotherapy and regular exercises and stretches help to manage the condition long term. If the pain is intense and physiotherapy is not possible due to the extent of pain trigger point injections may be suggested.

    They consist of several injections are given on a single occasion and can contain local anaesthetic, often with a small amount of steroid. The injection is often undertaken in the shoulders, neck or back, and helps to relax the muscles. This is usually usually given alongside other treatments such as physiotherapy to achieve a better effect. 

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